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Clean Ram 1.2.0 Free Download

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Just like a computer system, a mobile phone has hardware which must be taken care of properly in order to enjoy the phone at its best. More often than not, the RAM in your phone will have some unused space that slows down your phone and this can be avoided with the Clean Ram application.

Clean Ram is an excellent way to maximize the usage of your phone so that you can benefit from much faster speeds. When using this application on your mobile phone, you will be able to clear out your RAM space that is considered in use without actually being used.

Cleaning out the RAM space on your mobile phone that is not actually being used will make your phone lightning fast. The Clean Ram application lets you benefit from simple buttons due to its great user interface.

Clean Ram designed to clean up, tune up, speed up and optimize your PC memory / RAM from unnecessary memory allocation. This free software will improve / boost overall performance of your PC. Loading and running any applications (word processor, spreadsheet, graphics editor, web browser, etc.) will be smoother and faster than before. You will be surprised to see faster response of your computer. It is very simple to use. No training and very minimum user intervention required. Once launched, Clean Ram automatically works in the background. When your available physical memory reaches its critical amount, the software will automatically clean up your RAM to optimum level.

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